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REPCO Services, LLC updated their cover photo.

REPCO Services, LLC updated their cover photo. shared a photo
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Looks like some paper recycling needed - REPCO cares

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Transforming Boring to Extraordinary with a Mermaid and 10000 plastic bottles - 3/3 shared a video
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Mother nature brought us a little cold this morning

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Boycott ALDI and Trader Joe's Supermarkets. They dump all their plastic waste into the Mediterranean Sea. #saveourplanet

A dead whale just washed ashore. What they found in its belly implicates Trader Joe's. shared a link

REPCO Services, LLC affiliate doing BIG things in the NYC Recycling biz. Congrats to Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims opens standard-setting MRF in New York shared a link

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It #CavemanRecycling #REPCORecycles #GEICO

Cavemen discovered recycling, Israeli researchers say shared a link

#NationalGeographic #HighTechTrash #REPCORecycles

High-Tech Trash - Recycling: The Big Picture - National Geographic Magazine shared a link

When will the U.S. catch up to the rest of the world?...

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Trees complete the life cycle!! Put some old wrinkled paper in the ground and up comes a baby tree!!

New wrapping paper can be used to grow vegetables shared a link