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Have you seen us at your favorite rally this year? We're making the rounds all season long. Check us out at Roar on the Shore, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and a few others. See you there.

Timeline Photos shared a photo

Allstate has claims experts ready to help. Customers with a claim from #TropicalStorm #Barry can call 1-800-54-STORM (1-800-547-8676) or click:

File a Tropical Storm Barry Claim shared a link

Before #TropicalStorm #Barry hits the Gulf Coast, download this recovery guide to have at your fingertips once the storm has passed.

Allstate Good Hands Recovery Guide shared a link

#Summertime = pool time! Do you have the right homeowners insurance to cover your backyard oasis?

Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance shared a link

If you're planning to head out on the water this weekend (or summer) make sure your boat is properly covered. Check out some of these FAQs for guidance.

Boat Insurance FAQs shared a link

Morgan struggled to find his voice until an after-school writing program helped him become one of Chicago's best spoken-word poets. That’s why we celebrate Morgan and other youth like him.

Good Starts Young: Morgan's Story shared a video

Our 15th annual #BestDriversReport is now out! How did your city stack up?

Allstate 2019 America's Best Drivers Report shared a link

Aviwe learned about her culture through an after-school dance program we helped support. Now, she’s sharing her moves with others.

Good Starts Young: Aviwe's Story shared a video

No matter what your vacation holds, our agents are here with answers. #YourAllstateAgentKnows

 shared a video

DeSonni grew up where teens often take to the streets to survive, but he takes to the streets as captain of his drill team. That’s why we celebrate DeSonni and other youth like him.

Good Starts Young: DeSonni's Story shared a video

Am I covered if my couch lights up in an electrical fire? #YourAllstateAgentKnows

Your Allstate Agent Knows shared a video

Tiearra had to quit her favorite sport to get an after-school job, so we helped give her the chance to do both. Now, she’s taking to the field as a junior coach.

Good Starts Young: Tierra's Story shared a video