Construction Notification: Hampton Inn Project

401 NE 2nd Street, Delray Beach, FL  33483  

Every Saturday : February 12th - April 23rd starting at 4AM

An early morning concrete pour has been scheduled for every Saturday starting February 12th through April 23rd, at the Hampton Inn project located at 401 NE 2nd Street, Delray Beach. Construction will be on site at 4:00 AM in preparation for a 5:00 AM concrete pours. The pours will consist of approximately 300 cubic yards of concrete or thirty truckloads each.
The early morning concrete pours will aide in limiting Traffic Disruptions, while also allowing for enough time to complete the Concrete Pour in the afternoon. Supply Chain issues and the shortage of truck drivers has also made it difficult to maintain a steady supply of concrete, especially for the size of these pours. These early morning Saturday pours shall provide consistent concrete service minimizing the time required to complete the pours, thereby minimizing the impact to traffic.